Don’t stop.

Dear Scientists, Climate Justice Warriors, Women, Concerned Citizens, and especially People of White:

Many of you have had a political activism stir in you that had been untouched for a long time. People who had never demonstrated were soon grabbing poster boards and creative clever slogans. You took to the streets, marched and cheered, shared hashtags and read woke blog posts. Welcome to the movement!

You were always concerned, making personal choices to make the world a better place, advocating and voting. I know this because I was there, too.  Now, we are doing more.

Today and tomorrow are great opportunities to continue your resistance. Today is Dontre Day. This anniversary of the killing of Dontre Hamilton by a fired and pensioned Milwaukee Police Department officer has been transformed by his family into a sign of strength in the community. One of the rallying points for Milwaukee’s cry of Black Lives Matter, the Coalition for Justice and Mothers for Justice United have inspired our city.

Tomorrow is A Day without Latinxs, Immigrants, and Refugees. The annual May Day strike and march becomes even more visible under the immigration attempts of 45. This statewide solidarity action not only shows the strength in numbers but also counteracts the hate-filled anti-immigrant and refugee narrative in our country.

I hope these struggles for racial and economic justice will inspire new activists. There is an intersection between feminists, scientists and people fed up. It isn’t just the small slice of the justice pie for which you fight. We don’t want slices, we don’t want to be divided. Because there is a place where racial justice, economic justice, feminism, environmentalism, anti-war, queer rights all come together. It is the place of liberation. And none of us are free until we all get free.

I’m not discouraged because you are new to activism. I’m thrilled you’re here. I don’t know what your tipping point was. I don’t remember what mine was, but there was a time when I just tried to do good without confronting structures bigger. Now I see that change comes both in the personal and in the body politic. So, thank you for raising your voice, engaging your co-workers, bringing your classmates, changing the congregation. Thank you for resisting.

Don’t stop.


“Resist” by Jesse Barraza